Technical Engineer

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Technical Engineer

Nature of work:

Full-time job

Education requirements:

No limited

Working years:


Job Requirements: 1.More than three years working experience in CABLE, CABLE processed products or CONNECTOR product design. 2.Skillful and efficient application of office software, AUTO CAD software application. 3.Working experience in CABLE processing materials, processing technology, and process improvement. 4.Certain communication, coordination, innovation, project management and execution skills. 5.Japanese II, willing to engage in technical workers can be no industry work experience Position responsibilities: 1.Analyze the possibility of new product trial production, confirmation, proposal. 2.New product quotation, material localization, tooling, personnel and site confirmation. 3.Technical drawings, BOM, sample book making and distribution. 4. Demand and confirmation of new materials. 5.Sample trial management and confirmation. 6.Transferring the technology of product trial and training of operators.