Taiyo Cable (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has always taken talent as the first resources of the company, aiming to create a fair, competitive, motive and efficient human resources management mechanism so that staff can work in a setting favorable for the development of their personalities. By exploring multiple channels for recruitments, innovating the talent management system, strengthening the internal training, motivating talent’s initiatives, retaining talent with more emotional connections, Taiyo has given the roles of talent into fully play. Taiyo sticks to the strategic thoughts of sci-tech innovations, scientific improvement and talent development.
◇ Explore Multiple Channels for Recruitment

    In accordance with the principle of “Fair Competition, Strict Appraisal, Selecting the Best, Two-way Choice”, Taiyo Cable (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has shaken off the geographic restrictions and built up reasonable staff mobilization system. Over 70 percent of the total employees come from all over the country. Taiyo has been very active in various talent fairs in China and also recruits staff online all the year round.

    At present, based on the strategic needs for the operation and development of the company, in line with the positioning of Taiyo, the company is endeavoring to cultivate more talent specializing in trading, both domestic sales and international trade. It is expected that solid foundation will be laid so that knowledge-based professionals at various levels will play a more active role to align our business with the international market.

◇Innovate the Talent Management System

    Taiyo has established a unique human resources management system, encouraging competition and implementing the performance appraisals to employ young and competent talent. In Taiyo Cable (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., there are several young entrepreneurs who have a dozen years of experience in business in the decision-making panel. A large number of managers under it are the promising young professionals working with the company for several years with involvement in many positions. According to the principle of competing for positions and the implementation of many incentives including exchange of positions, taking multiple positions, and promotion, Taiyo constantly improves the talent management system and has cultivated a large batch of young, competent and versatile managers.

◇Intensify the Internal Training

    Taiyo stresses modern enterprise management, incessantly bringing in more investment into the corporate management and technical innovations. Meanwhile, Taiyo carries out training programs for employees in diverse forms to continuously enhance talent’s overall qualities, stimulate the vigor of the company and pave a wider road for our development.

◇Motive Talent’s Initiatives

    According to the Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy Theory, different groups of people have different needs. Based on surveys of needs of different groups of staff, Taiyo understands what employees need and how to satisfy them by taking differentiated incentives. The appraisal system of the annual Best Employees in the Company is created in Taiyo Cable (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., offering spiritual awards and a certain amount of materials awards to the winning employees. The performance appraisal system is strictly observed, with which employee’s employment and promotion is directly related. In this way, staff’s initiatives are greatly motivated. Taiyo respects each and every single staff as they are the master of Taiyo Cable (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. People are equal within the institutions of the Company. 

◇Retain the Talent

    Taiyo keeps talent by career, by love and by benefit. Taiyo Cable (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has a bright future. In the coming several years, the Company will make another round of growth in the output value and its scale as well, forming the operation mode of group. Along with the high-paced development of Taiyo, every staff member will have more opportunity to grow, professionally and personally with ever increasing enthusiasm. Apart from this, Taiyo attaches importance to making emotional connections with people. Winning high respect from staff, Chairman of the Board of Directors has attracted a large pool of professional managers. In terms of benefit package, we have realized that employees are a great asset to the company. Therefore, we offer more attractive benefit package to them compared to our rivals in the industry.