Fiber is still a tight product, market demand is still strong


2018-07-25 21:58:40.000


Industry dynamics


  With the transformation of fiber-optic broadband, people are becoming more familiar with the network infrastructure of fiber. At the Shanghai Pavilion of the 2017 (19th) Dalian International Industry Fair, media reporters learned from the optical fiber production equipment enterprises that the current market demand for optical fiber is still strong, and it is still a “tight product”.
Shanghai Yipin Communication Technology Co., Ltd., which is here to participate in the exhibition, is a company specializing in R&D and production of optical fiber and optical cable equipment. The R&D team has rich experience and can customize and develop special equipment for fiber optic cable for customers. According to the relevant person in charge of the enterprise, 10 years ago, the domestic optical fiber production enterprises basically used imported equipment, and as domestic equipment manufacturers continued to occupy the market, most of the optical fiber equipments have been localized, and the enterprise is in domestic optical fiber production equipment. The market share can reach about 50%.
With broadband operators "light into the copper retreat" - from the "narrowband + copper cable" network to the "broadband + fiber" network, fiber has ushered in a huge market. The reporter learned from the Municipal Economic and Information Committee that in 2015, the city accelerated the upgrading of the city's information infrastructure. The city's home fiber-optic home improvement work was completed. The home fiber broadband network access coverage capacity exceeded 2.3 million, and the urban residential fiber-optic construction and The progress of the transformation is at the leading level in China.
Then, after a few years of promoting fiber-optic broadband home improvement, is the fiber market now saturated? In this regard, the above-mentioned corporate leaders believe that the current market demand for optical fiber is still strong, as upstream equipment manufacturers are still enjoying the dividend of market growth. On the one hand, as a network infrastructure, there is still huge incremental space for fiber-to-the-home transformation in rural areas; on the other hand, 60% of the world's fiber is manufactured in China, and some countries along the “Belt and Road” demand for fiber. Large, international market also has room for expansion. At present, the company's optical fiber production equipment is exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, India and other regions, and he is also optimistic about the next development of the market.